Don’t Know Where to Start? Our Key Accounts Group Can Help

Do you have a large project and need to purchase a large quantity of products as part of your task? Are you feeling challenged and need advice on where to begin, what to purchase and why?

We’re here to help.

TreeTop Products is proud to announce the creation of the Key Accounts Group, an internal team of product experts that assist customers with the demanding requirements of their job. Their mission is to ensure you select the right product for the right application. In particular, the group:

  • Proactively communicates with customers to learn about their needs and demands.
  • Builds relationships and recommends products that best fit customer requirements.
  • Helps customers work within their budgets and provide quotes in a timely fashion.
  • Makes recommendations on logistics, such as shipping and installation.
  • Assists customers with product selections that meet their project dates.
  • Keeps in touch with the customer and works with them on multi-stage projects.
  • Remains in contact with the customer from day one to the day of delivery and beyond.
  • Assists with modifications to stock products to best suit your project
  • Works with the customer to ensure they are getting the best price possible

Ultimately, the Key Accounts Group is here to help you make the best decisions based upon your budgets, timelines and specific needs. Your success is their success.

So, how can the Key Accounts Group help you? Email the Key Accounts group at or give us a call at  1-877-249-0479 and ask to be directed to the TreeTop Key Accounts Group.